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Circuit Training in Westport, Connecticut

Engaging in circuit training 2-3 days per week is the most time-efficient way to improve your muscular endurance/strength and cardiovascular fitness, either as an individual or in a corporate personal fitness program. Peak Personal Fitness, LLC, in Westport, Connecticut, is the health facility to help you reach your goals.


Strength & Endurance

The goal of all strength and endurance training is to help you become a better athlete or to improve your overall health. Jeffrey Crupi takes you through a personal assessment to determine your goals, including losing weight and body fat, and building strength and body mass.

Jeffrey also provides recommendations for eating better to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Programs are customized for your individual needs. 

Corporate Personal Fitness

Peak Personal Fitness, LLC, offers individual corporate personal fitness programs. Training takes place either at your company's location or Peak Personal Fitness, LLC. Corporate personal fitness training makes a great team builder for your organization.

Exercise for Older Adults

If you are over 60 and in need of physical activity, Peak Personal Fitness, LLC can help you reach your goals.
About the Facility
Peak Personal Fitness, LLC has locker and shower rooms for both men and women. The studio is 
equipped with Cybex™ and Body Masters™ exercise equipment, along with free weights
and aerobic equipment.

Contact Jeffrey to get started on a customized personal training program.