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Individual and Specialty Training in
Westport, Connecticut

When you need general conditioning and/or improved body image, call on Jeffrey at Peak Personal Fitness, LLC, in Westport, Connecticut.

Circuit Training

Circuit training for 50 minutes is the most time-efficient way to improve your muscular endurance/strength and cardiovascular fitness, as well as overall health.

Pre-Natal & Post-Partum Care

Pre-natal and post-partum care is designed to help women who are pregnant or who want to lose weight after having a baby.The advantages of working out while being pregnant allows you stay healthy, while keeping your body limber, making delivery that much easier. It also helps you remain focused and stronger during pregnancy.

Post-Rehabilitation from Injury

If you have experienced any type of injury and need further assistance with an individualized exercise program that focuses on strengthening, call on Jeffrey at Peak Personal Fitness, LLC, in Westport, Connecticut.

Exercise for Older Adults

If you are over 60 and want to begin an exercise routine call Jeffrey at Peak Personal Fitness, LLC to help you reach your goals.